Travel food

YAY I’m finally in America!!! I’m all settled in so now I can spend some time on the computer to catch up on what my eats have been for the past couple of days (I wasn’t able to take photos of everything but I’ll post what I have^^)

My traveling day started out busy with last-minute checking etc. so in the few moments I got to relax, I loaded up on my favorite high fiber tofu ice-cream for breakfast (hey, it’s healthy!! 😉 ) so that I would stay satisfied in case I didn’t eat for a while. Then I headed over with my mom and brother to the bus that would take us to the airport.

As a snack at the airport, I bought these two jelly-like traditional Japanese desserts called “mizu-youkan.” Their initial flavor was very yummy at first, not too sweet with a smooth and slightly grainy texture, but it kind of got tiring after a while (it was nice for a change but probably won’t buy again)

(on the left is green tea flavor, and on the right is the sweet red bean paste flavor)

My mom had pre-ordered the vegan meals for me on the plane (thanks mom!) so I was able to have a relatively nice dinner and breakfast, a little bland maybe, but better than brownie, chicken curry, sausage, and custard-filled croissant!

This was my vegan dinner aboard United Airlines:

Boiled (?) veggies (bak choi, carrots, radishes, olives, and potato wedges -no flavorings), a green salad (w/ lemon wedge),  a roll (didn’t eat the roll), and fruit salad

This was my brother’s dinner;

Chicken curry, white rice, a bit of veggies, a green salad (came w/ packaged salad dressing), a different type of roll, and a brownie

My vegan breakfast:

Apple chunks and raisins in a sweet cinnamon sauce and polenta (I’ve never had polenta but I think that’s what it was -no flavor at all except for a miniscule amount of cinnamon on top)

My brother’s breakfast:

Sausage, hash brown, cheese and spinach eggs, and a cream filled croissant

All in all, not so bad but a little lacking in flavor… the movies were good though! 😉

Skipping over to the first night in the USA, we (my cousins and relatives) had a BIG barbeque where I got to try my FIRST EVER VEGGIE BURGER!!!!

I had one of these with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, fruit salad and some blackberry pie (without the crust) and the whole meal was VERY YUMMY!!! :DDD

The next day I slept in a little and then worked out for 2 HOURS with my aerobics-teaching aunt and cousin doing aerobics (obviously), pilates, and yoga! It was physically tiring but a TON of fun exercising with my wonderful family and good music. Afterwords, we fueled our bodies with some healthy foods:

We each had half of a whole-wheat english muffin broiled with a slice of tofurella (tofu-cheese) and topped with spinach and tomato, PLUS blueberries and pineapple (I also added a sprinkle of flax seeds and almonds. Yes, you heard me, FLAX SEEDS!!!! AT LAST!!!! I absolutely loved their nutty flavor and the way they vaguely reminded me of sesame seeds). A perfect lunch…

This is the tofurella (lol tofu mozzerella!) that we used. My aunt was very pleasantly surprised to discover it in her fridge 😛

More updates coming later!! ❤


Fruit galore!!

I discovered a GINORMOUS box of cherries in the kitchen this morning!!! So of course I had to make Cherry Pie Oats!!!

 Cherry Pie Oats

  • 1/4c. Oats
  • 1/4tsp. Chia seeds (optional)
  • 1c. Water
  • 1/4c. Egg whites
  • 100g. Pitted and diced cherries
  • 1tsp. Vanilla essence (more if neccessary)
  • 3 drops Almond essence
  • Cinnamon
  • Natural Sweetener

 Prepare as you would Dessert Oats.

I topped mine with extra cinnamon, coconut powder, and a spoonfuls of blueberry soy yogurt. I was surprised at how much vanilla I used!!! Usually, too much of it makes the flavor bitter (is that how you would describe plain vanilla essence?) but in this case it just made the oats yummier and sweeter 😀

Throughout the day I made a couple of mugs of konbu dashi soup and mixed in tororo konbu, which is thin, dried strips of kelp (a japanese ingredient). It’s one of my favorite hot-mug recipes to keep me warm and satisfied. I even put a handful of bran sticks on top and microwaved for 30sec. until it became soft and mushy. It was actually just like the bread in french onion soup!! This is inspiration for a french onion soup recipe, but I need to decide what to do about the melted cheese on top…

Because all this is made of is konbu dashi, water, a tiny bit of soy sauce and sweetener, and kelp, its extremely low in calories and has a ton of fiber!!! (especially if you add bran!)

When it became dinner time, a HUGE bowl of fruit salad was made in the kitchen by my mom and me, containing mango, pineapple, apple, banana, cherries, and blueberries!!

It all looked and smelled so good and fruity that I ended up eating my fill of dinner while standing and preparing it 😛

Fruit is the Mother Nature’s ultimate snack food; so full of flavor, sweetness, and nutritious yumminess. Fruit can be used in any sort of dish, from a dessert or snack  to even an ingredient in a soup or  main dish. (A long time ago I remember making a delicious hawaiian-type dish with pineapple, azuki beans, tofu and a sweet soy sauce dressing!) Aghh… the miracles of nature 🙂

I also had a major craving for chocolate today and so I added cocoa powder and vanilla to a small jar of Nutopia for some chocolate nut butter and it turned out great!!! Made a scrumptious snack~ but maybe I had too much… oh well, i know my body enjoyed it so all’s good :)) Now time to do some jumprope and stationary bicycle!! Power time!!!

 Question of the day: What is your favorite fruity main dish?