My Story

Hi and welcome to my blog The Fashioneatsa!!

It would take a while to explain in detail my whole history so I’ll keep it bullet-point form for simplicity:

  • 16 year-old half-american/japanese girl
  • Lived England, France, Holland, Japan (currently in Tokyo)
  • Visits relatives in USA every summer vacation
  • Attends private Japanese highschool with best English program in country 🙂 -gotta keep up my English!!
  • Siblings are brother and doggie (miniature Dachshund)
  • Just entered agency for modeling!
  • Loves singing and dancing, fashion, reading, exercising, animals, traveling, cooking, eating 😉 and many other things
  • Wants to major in medicine in the USA and minor in nutritional studies or culinary training

Thats a quick overview of my general info.

On the other hand, the story behind the Fashioneatsa is a bit more lengthly~~~

When I was younger I did all sorts of sports (swimming, synchronized swimming, ballet, tennis, running, dodgeball at recess etc.) and was really active so I ate whatever I wanted and never had any weight problems (i.e. triple scoop og Baskin Robbins=snack) . But when I entered junior high in 2007, all of that exercise was cut out of my schedule because I got home too late from school -an hour commute by train-. Plus, I was no longer eating the nutritionally balanced lunches that are served at Japanese elementary schools, so I gradually began to gain weight.

Around the end of my second year, I had gained a ton of weight and was beginning to feel ashamed of my appearance, especially since I was in the dance club with all these naturally slim Japanese girls. And a dance competion loomed nearer (I was going to have to wear spandex-pants and spagetti-straps!) along with summer camp (where I wanted to look fab!), I just couldn’t stand gaining any more weight, so I started keeping a food journal. The thing was, instead of being ultra unhealthy with giant muffins, pizza, and ice cream, I went extreme and was now being unhealthy by not getting enough nutrients to sustain my body. I ate a ton of vegetables and fiberous foods but was extremely short in protein intake. In time for summer I lost those 20 pounds, but I was also losing hair, feeling physically tired, getting bruised easily and was having multiple other symptoms of malnutrition.

During summer, I had a blast at an English expository writing camp at Stanford Univ. where I was able to maintain my weight because we always ate at fixed times with no second helpings and I had great friends who really cared about me. But after returning to Japan, I wasn’t able to control my eating habits and I went out of control, gaining 10 pounds over winter vacation (!) and feeling depressed and unhappy. My weight was a rollercoaster and I felt utterly helpless with my situation, because it seemed no matter what I did I kept gaining.

Then the next stage came where I went over to Australia for a two-week homestay with a girl my age who had parents who were doctors. We always ate together, we always ate healthy foods, and I was walking a lot so when I got back to Japan, I had lost a little weight. This really gave me motivation to start keeping a journal again, and as I researched recipes on the internet I discovered food blogs, I found that I really liked the looks of what these clean-eating motivated people were eating (before, oatmeal was a definite no-no because of “carbs” and nuts because of “fat”. You get the picture. I was being unreasonable and depriving myself of healthy foods). And then I read the book Skinny Bitch, at which point, I switched to a vegetarian diet (I wasn’t eating much meat anyway so it wasn’t too hard) and started branching out to a wider variey of healthy food. Also, I listened to my body. Before, it had always been “I can’t eat that burger because I’ll gain weight. Ohh but I want to soo bad…” and now its “I have the choice and I choose not to. I want to eat foods that will make my body happy and me happy to.” So I began eating regular timed meals, snacking on a small spoonful of Nutopia or some tea if I was hungry, and because I had made the descision not to eat food that my body would not appreciate and I was eating nut butter for goodness sake, and oatmeal, my weight got under control and I lost those 10 pounds. Now, I completely happy and in harmony with my body. Believe me, getting along with your body is the BEST FEELING. I realized that you have to listen to what your body is telling you or it won’t listen to you. Sometimes stress (a lot of it) really gets to me and I go off track and feel horrible and am terrified of food, but I’m really trying to heal and to be happy, healthy and feel beautiful through and through. I want other people to benefit from the lessons I had  to go through a lot to learn, while deepening my knowledge and passion for nutrition and yummy foods. I hope you can be inspired and help spread happiness around with me! and of course, follow my blog 😀 Feel free to leave me any comments (I’ll make a special email soon too) and I hope we can go on enjoying food together 🙂 Thanks for reading!

-Marina xoxo


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rhonda Nelson
    Jul 14, 2010 @ 21:30:59

    I loved your story! You are very similar to many women who go on a journey with food and exercise in life…… you will now be able to enjoy life to its fullest with energy and vitality. I set myself up to have my role models be people that are not motivated by external beauty. Internal beauty lasts forever and is the greatest gift to the world…. I love you, Marina. Auntie Rhonda


    • the♥fashioneatsa
      Jul 15, 2010 @ 06:29:39

      I really appreciate all your support and encouragement Aunt Rhonda – it’s really helped me get back on track. Your positivity and love of life just radiates and is really inspirational to me and I know for other people to =) I love you too ❤


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